At CECO we understand that excellent people deserve excellent people practices. As much as we build brands, we also build careers, where we stress high emphasis on performance, and link both career growth and rewards directly to merit and achievement. Right from the entry level we customise career paths and retention plans by drawing career maps for each employee, outlining possible alternate career paths, which could include planned job rotations between functions.

Employees with a proven track record of high performance and potential are identified annually through a fast-track program evaluated by a top management panel, further leading to a reward with attractive compensation.


We have our specific career consultants whom we outsource the job for spotting and exploring the right talent for us, apart from the company’s direct recruitment process.

To us recruiting a talent is not the sole responsibility of our Management, but is also a social, business and corporate responsibility as a whole, as we believe that a successful corporate is driven by the valuable insights and go-getter abilities delivered by an individual, transformed leaders.


At CECO, we have a very open work culture encouraging entrepreneurship leading to productivity and efficiency. The open culture is also underscored by easy accessibility to superiors.

Our professional and enabling working environment motivates the employees to lead their respective functions. Employing leaders from different backgrounds and communities, gives us an edge as we are better equipped to understand the needs of our customers thereby providing quality service.

We invite those who dare to think beyond impossible and stray away from the ordinary and create a niche for themselves.

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